Advocating for Trails and Mountain Biking in San Diego Since 1994

Over 1100 members have stepped up to help SDMBA make mountain biking better for everyone in San Diego County. SDMBA advocacy volunteers provide a unified voice for trail users in public land use policies favoring sustainable outdoor recreational opportunities. Liaisons, trail builders, and other advocates seek out and build harmonious unified alliances and partnerships with businesses, land managers, and communities. Specialized volunteer-run programs support this mission and further inspire youth to explore and learn about nature and become its future stewards.

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Pamo Valley Field Trip by Bike or Car

Join us for a little explore by bike or vehicle of Pamo Valley and Orosco Ridge area and see the potential for the trails system SDMBA is working on. 


SDMBA Advocacy Committee Meeting

Monthly SDMBA Advocacy Committee meetings are  the 1st Monday of the month, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The Advocacy Committee is focused on presenting opportunities and discussing is...

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New Enforcement Coming to Carlsbad Trails

June 16, 2017

Read update about ongoing advocacy regarding Trails at Calaveras

CBS 8 story: Popular Carlsbad Trails May Soon be Off Limits

June 10, 2017

Recent story concerning the issues surrounding Calaveras

Recent Press: San Diego Reader article about access at Calaveras

June 9, 2017

Fish and Wildlife Squeeze Bikers Out at Carlsbad's Lake Calavera