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SDMBA - San Diego Mountain Biking Association
New SDMBA Forum

Visit the SDMBA FORUM to join an online community of San Diego riders.

The SDMBA Forum is intended to be a family-friendly online resource where you can interact with members of SDMBA. The Forum will primarily provide information about trails, SDMBA activities (work parties, events, rides, etc.),as well as, mountain biking advocacy. This will be a resource where you can learn about the SDMBA's Progressive Riders Organization and their latest efforts for building a bike park and advocating for progressive riding opportunities in and around San Diego.

Once you become a member of this forum you can organize or join a group ride; Volunteer for events and trailwork; Learn about new riding areas; Post up pictures and tales of your latest adventure; Sell your extra bike parts; Share tips and techniques; and create general camaraderie with other like minded individuals here in San Diego.

This forum is open to everyone not just SDMBA members. Visit our forum and join today to start participating in the new hub for San Diego Mountain Biking.

Enter the Forum
Volunteer Appreciation Party Honors Volunteers

Starting with a ride in the beautiful Mission Trails area the SDBMA's annual VAP was our way of saying, "Thank you" to our outstanding volunteers. With support of our fine sponsors Bike Bling, Clif Bar, Cal Coast Bicycles, Zoic Clothing, North of the Border Bikes, Stone Brewing Company, Epic Action Video Cam, Prana, BRC Bike Shop, MTBtreads.com and Turner Bikes we rewarded our top volunteers with tons of swag and a bike frame.

The top awards went too: Sue Alexander: The President's Wind Beneath My Wings Award Social Committee VOTY: Sue Juliean and Christine Maciulla Tour de Fat VOTY: Jason Liebrecht Advocacy Committee VOTY: Russell Boggs Bike Park Committee VOTY: Jason L. Showalter SDMBA/NMBP VOTY: Gyan Penrose-Kafka Marketing/Membership Committee VOTY: Brian Nixon Rookie of the Year: Timoni Slusher Liaison of the Year: Evan Sollberger

Par 4 Area Trail Rerouting with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, San Diego National Wildli


Par 4 Area Trail Rerouting with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, San Diego National Wildlife Refuge
Sunday, January 20, 2013, 8am-1pm (+BBQ!)

SDMBA has been working with refuge staff to create a more sustainable and habitat-friendly route for the trail in the Par 4 area of the SD National Wildlife Refuge. Equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers all make heavy use of these trails. The current route features chronic erosion and uncomfortable slopes. Join us to create a new, multi-user-friendly rout...e with SDMBA’s expert trail crews. This event will end with a barbeque and a swag give-away. Good work and good fun!

Park at the end of Par 4 Drive, southwest of the intersection with Steele Canyon Road. https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=217298070720318756712.0004d36b1afa9d091f050&msa=0

Tools will be provided as well as instructions for safe use. Bring water, food, gloves, sturdy shoes and sunscreen.

Please park politely for the local neighbors. RSVPs are much appreciated. Contact: jay(at)sdmba(dot)com

SDMBA Continues Trail Restoration Work at Cowles Mt.

On Saturday morning February 25th, 2012, in partnership with the Mission Trails Rangers, twelve SDMBA (San Diego Mountain Biking Association) members and volunteers participated in trail restoration at Big Rock Trail on Cowles Mt. The vegetation at Big Rock Trail has not been trimmed back for several years and was beginning to overtake the trail. SDMBA worked on approximately .6 of a mile of Big Rock Trail for four hours.


In coordination with the rangers, the trail was cleared roughly six feet wide and up at an angle away from the centerline where feasible to restore the trail corridor, thus improving function and visibility.

2012 SDMBA Archipelago Ride Announcement
Letter from Archipelago Mastermind Rich Julien himself:

“So here we are. Every year, some part of the course gets better. Don’t ask me how, but the Gods let it be so. Every year, we get together as a tribe of mountain bikers and celebrate riding through this great place we live in. We help each other in the spirit of mountain biking. No one gets left behind. Encouragement abounds and you find that it’s more fun to help those around you. It isn’t long before you get it. Life is not just about you. The Archipelago is a slice of life…(click here to read Rich's full letter.)

The 2012 SDMBA Archipelago ride will be on Saturday April 28th, 2012. Mileage and elevation change will be like years past, over 40 miles of dirt and over 4000 ft of up! Sound fun, yet?

News Alert: Mission Trails Regional Park Area Closure
A Special Edition TrailNews Alert was sent out on 9/17 to inform you of a planned closure to areas of Mission Trails Regional Park, SDMBA's actions, stance, and next steps.

I. What SDMBA knows of the planned closure
a. It recently came to our attention that Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP) is planning to close areas north of the 52. This includes Spring and Oak Canyons and the area referred to as East Elliot. We were told closure would include signage, enforcement and fines upward of $1500.

b. This closure comes as a result of a letter received by the City of San Diego from the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFW) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), after a site visit revealed a considerable amount of unauthorized building and use of trails that impact highly sensitive and endangered species. The entire letter can be viewed here.

c. Over the last several years, MTRP acquired this property to expand the park, but it came with strict land use terms dictated by the Wildlife Agencies. While trails for recreation are compatible with the terms, the area must comply with the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) and must be integrated into the MTRP Master Plan Update (MPU). More information on the MPU can be viewed here.

II. What SDMBA has already done
a. On Sept. 13, 2013, SDMBA representatives met with Chris Zirkle, Deputy Director of Open Space City Park and Rec., Steve Haupt, District Manager of Open Space City Park and Rec. and Jeffrey Harkness, Park Planner, City of San Diego Development Services, to get first hand information on the planned closure. They discussed what the City thinks it must do to remain compliant with the Federal decisions and policies.

b. SDMBA representatives agreed to have Mr. Zirkle as a guest speaker at the next SDMBA Advocacy meeting to further explain the complex issues of this situation. The important result of this meeting is that it continues a dialogue between the City and us, the stakeholders.

III. SDMBA’s stance on the planned closure
a. SDMBA adamantly opposes the current plan to close off all recreational access to trails. We will work diligently with the City and the Wildlife Agencies to support a better alternative plan. Trail closures rarely work as intended, often resulting in negative consequences such as unauthorized trail building and use in previously unaffected areas.

b. SDMBA has successfully partnered with federal, state and city agencies that have strictly controlled land use restrictions, with the results being protected and rehabilitated habitat along with compatible recreational trails.

c. SDMBA believes an open discussion with all user groups and agencies involved will gain the more support and compliance compared to this unilateral approach that is being pushed on the City.

IV. What’s Next
a. September 18th – 7:00pm – SDMBA Monthly Advocacy Meeting at MTRP Visitor Center
i. SDMBA has invited Chris Zirkle to be our guest speaker and to provide more information about the issue.

ii. We will be asking Chris Zirkle to work with us to find a better alternative management plan that will best mitigate the consequences of the planned closure.

iii. The public is welcome at this meeting. We expect everyone to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.

b. September 19th – 1:00pm – MTRP Task Force Meeting at MTRP Visitor Center
i. This meeting is also open to the public. More information on the Task Force can be viewed here.

ii. KTU+A: Planning and Landscape Architect Firm, will be providing an update on the MPU to the Task Force.

iii. SDMBA will have representatives present to request a forum between all user groups, stakeholders and agencies to determine a better course of action that will be mutually beneficial to the habitat, the park and the community of park users.

If you would like additional information, please attend this Wednesday's SDMBA Advocacy Meeting. Please also check our Facebook Page and look for another Special Edition TrailNews Alert for any updates.


The following is from SDMBA Liaison to La Costa Preserve, Rich Julien
Check out some pictures of the bridge construction here


Dear Mountain Bikers

Here is my story of Copper Canyon. Copper Canyon gets it name from the German immigrants who discovered some copper deposits between Denk Mtn (La Costa) and Double Water Tanks to the south. The copper was mined extensively during WWI and in the following decades the ore played out was of poor quality and the mines abandoned.

There are still plenty of reminders of the mines right under foot but the shafts had to be filled in after some knotheads fell in and died. “Survival of the Fittest” at work.

So there were some old old legacy trails faintly there that some knowledgeable locals knew about. Trouble was the land was now in the hands of a family that had been up to that time living on the perimeter of the suburbs. But now they were being surrounded by an explosion of growth and all the people that brings.

The stories of their efforts to keep people away and stop trespassing will go down in lore. The property then went through another owner who bought it for purposes of mitigation and today it is managed by the Center for Natural Lands Management. CNLM manages both La Costa (Denk Mtn) and the land going up to Double Water Tanks. Copper Canyon ties it all together.

Hence the new Archipelago route this year will be through Copper Canyon and not down the heinous, dangerous & lame Denning Rd. The Copper Canyon trail will be reached by descending “Whip Tail”, also a new adoption by CNLM.

Copper Canyon Trail crosses Copper Creek three times. Bridges were required to negate the effects of bank erosion and general damage to the stream habitat. With the trail now open to the public certain standards had to be met so I constructed the bridges to standards used by the USFS and similar to the bridge I built for the USFS on the San Juan Trail.

CNLM was going to pay for the bridges but I was so stoked to get Copper Creek open I wanted CNLM to use their money for bigger things like acquiring more open space and protecting what little habitat remains here. Even though it hasn't always been an easy path to coexist within the mission of conservationists I think we can help each other. It is my opinion that people need to be part of the equation of protection of open space, not not be eliminated from the equation. CNLM has made us part of that equation.

Once people relate to the land and form a bond and sense of ownership, the level of interest, compliance and participation to protect grows exponentially. So to support the mission of CNLM and bring people together I decided to sell routered names on the planks of the bridges and donate the money to CNLM.

I petitioned SDMBA for the costs of the three bridges and the Board granted me the money. It was a huge job and I needed a good right-hand man. In fact I found a couple of good men to help me. One was Bryan Furbee, my riding partner, and the other was Dee Folse, of Team Shoebacca. Between us we have routered 80 names of committed people and 20 corporate names from businesses that have always had our backs.

The addition of Copper Canyon now provides a critical corridor that starts at Cadencia Park and leads you to Elfin Forest and onward on the Archipelago Trail. While we have been raising families, riding, surfing and holding down jobs, someone else has been doing the work that we didn't know how to do or didn't want to do. So the plan is to present CNLM with the proceeds from the planks.

-Richard Julien



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