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As a Mountain Biker, you have long been a great steward of the land. Maybe you perform countless hours of trail work. Maybe you're active in advocacy and outreach. Maybe you're just spreading the good word about the trails that you love so much and want to share them with others. Now, there's another possibility to give back to the parks that we enjoy so much while helping out the cause of Mountain Biking! Join SDMBA's chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol.

The National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) is a service organization dedicated to the providing assistance in the event of trail-side medical or mechanical emergencies, educating trail users about proper etiquette and helping keep land managers informed about trail conditions and use in the parks.

SDMBA's NMBP chapter is currently seeking qualified individuals to start patrolling the trail systems in San Diego County. If you're ready to take the next pedal stroke in the evolution of your involvement with Mountain Biking, keep reading to find out how to get involved.

To be a SDMBA/NMBP patroller there are several requirements. You must be a capable mountain biker; in good physical health; able to effectively communicate with the public and with park staff; be certified in First Aid/CPR; have a good understanding of how to perform trail-side bicycle repair; have a good working knowledge of the trail systems and the flora and fauna in the park(s) you patrol; commit to riding a minimum of 48 hours per year and most importantly, you must be willing to have a lot of fun. (Note: Enforcement is NOT an SDMBA/NMBP activity!)

SDMBA is holding mandatory training classes on October 17, 2009. Find out more.

Unlike patrols organized by the various governmental agencies, SDMBA/NMBP members are not limited to patrolling specific parks or to patrolling at specific times. We believe that it's in the best interests of patrollers as well as all trail users that you get to choose when and where you want to patrol. So, that means you can patrol your favorite trails at 3pm or 3am -- whenever and wherever you want to ride, assuming it's legal to be there.

If you're interested in joining, please contact Gyan Penrose-Kafka.


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