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Introducing the new SDMBA President: Rod Simmons PDF Print E-mail

I introduce Rod Simmons, new President of SDMBA. Most of you know him. Otherwise you can spot him easily in a crowd. He's the tall, old guy with glasses over there with the 29er and the spandex. Wait a minute... This is sounding like a Who song. Anyway he has the best haircut in town.

My congratulations to Rod. I know he and Board, with new members Wendy Hoagland and himself will take good care of the club and climb to new heights (or descend to new lows as quickly as possible--if that's the way you roll.) I'll refrain from telling them what they "should do" or "need to do." There's plenty of those folks around already. What I WILL do is everything I can to continue to support the Association and our new President. I'll be turning over the Keys to the Kingdom to him in the immediate future.

I'd like to thank all those who supported me in my terms as President over the last couple years. There are too many to list and I'll forget somebody and tick myself off but I'd especially like to thank some folks who many don't see enough of. Joe Hoffman takes care of setting up and sending out our Trail News every week. He is someone who uses the keyboard for good, not evil. Thank you Joe. Kudos to Cliff Chen who takes care of our website. He's done an amazing job considering what he has to work with. Chris Hatch is our Chief Financial Officer. He keeps track of the money, insurance and tax stuff. You ROCK Dude. I'd also be nowhere without the support and knowledge base of past Presidents Minette Ozaki, Andy Darragh and John Holloway. Our graphic look and feel was developed by Maggie Holloway and continues to guide us years after she did her visual magic for us.

As President I considered part of my job to be to learn as much as I could about who we could and couldn't work with. Unfortunately I still don't have some of those answers after 3-4 years so I'll keep working on that nut. I do know that thanks to the hard work of many folks led by Kevin Mortensen we CAN work with Crestridge Ecological Reserve. We CAN work with the San Diego River Park. We CAN work with agencies included the USFS, CNLM (okay a company, not an agency) and many others.

As I mentioned at last night's meeting, me and my outgoing fellow Board members (Andy Darragh, Bill Porter, Kim Wiley, and Matt Merritt) aren't saddling the new folks with some broke-down '83 Escort of a club. We are strong spiritually and financially. We have what I think are the best people working for mountain bike advocacy we've ever had.

So, President Simmons, have fun. Don't take it too seriously. We aren't curing cancer here. It's just dirt. Stop reading the forums ('cepting SDMBA's) -- it doesn't matter what keyboard warriors think of you. Keep your eye on the ball, your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel and put your back into it--now try working that way.

Best to you and your new Board,
Immediate Past President


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