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SDMBA representative met Wednesday January 15th, 2014 with San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman, Field Representative Brandi Klemstine from CA State Assemblyman Brian Jones office, and Liz Saidkhanian from Council member Scott Sherman office to discuss MTRP and trail closure issues relating to East Elliot area.

SDMBA discussed possible trails in the MPU to prioritize and get a head start on for implementation once the MPU is approved. SDMBA stated some high priority trails were now missing on the current MPU that were present on the previous Conceptual version (Barker Service Road reroute and others) and asked why they were now gone. Trial loop systems on the MPU were stressed by SDMBA representatives as high priorities to provide the most useful trail options in the East Elliot, Fortuna Mountain and Cowles Mountain areas.

SDMBA stated willingness to partner with the City in any MTRP trail building projects and had both the manpower and expertise that could expedited the process. Sherman stated that such trail building labor assistance would need to be reviewed in case of conflicts with Unions that could do the work per their contract before SDMBA or IMBA trail builders could be included in budget planning and any actual work.

The issue of private parcels in East Elliot was discussed. Private parcels present two roadblocks to approved trails implementation: 1) passage through them and 2) habitats that may be endangered. A previous meeting with Open Space Division, Park and Recreation Department (October 18th) focused on the parcels element as well in which SDMBA and City Planning discussed the areas, generated maps of parcel owners, habitats, and thought that it was possible to use those areas to build a trail system. The city though, cannot implement trails without ownership or easements through them. Those need to be established before trails can be built. Sherman's office is looking into possible solutions to the private parcel issues.

Draft MTRP Master Plan Update (MPU) and Natural Resources Management Plan (NRMP):http://www.ktuaprojects.com/mtrp/mtrpdoclist.html

Property Ownerships N of HWY 52 can be found at:

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