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We meet every third Wednesday of the month @  7 pm  at Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center.

Check the Event Calendar for the next meeting.

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Who will volunteer to a part of the elections committee? PDF Print E-mail


If you volunteer to help with the election process you will receive emails sent to vote@sdmba.com  and will help me in determining the eligibility of nominees. We will also compile biographical info of nominees and prepare a voter ballot prior to the January meeting. You will also help manage the election process.
Once a new Board of Directors is in place, they will elect new officers. The office of Secretary, President and Vice President are due to renew. Treasurer is to continue for one year. We will need to specifically define the duties of the Officers, as we have been lax with this in the past.
New SDMBA Representatives at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve PDF Print E-mail

While SDMBA  has been busy following and contributing to the process of finalizing the Del Mar Mesa (DMM) Resource Management Plan (RMP), [check out the Timeline] we realize that our participation at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve (LPCP) is equally important to representing the interests of all trail users.
Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve lies between Rancho Peñasquitos, Sorrento Hills, Del Mar Mesa, Torrey Hills and Mira Mesa. Stretching approximately seven miles from the I-5 and 805 merge to just east of I-15; it encompasses some 4,000 acres. The Preserve is jointly owned and administered by the City and County of San Diego. For more info, including a map, visit the City web page for 
SDMBA has recently doubled our representation there by assigning a new SDMBA-LPCP Liaison and a new LPCP Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) representative.
Michael MacGregor is the new LPCP-Liaison. He is able to dedicate the time and attention to LPCP that it deserves. He has been a SDMBA member for a little over a year, but has proven his commitment and ability to represent the mountain biking community. He was Volunteer of the Year in 2008 and now oversees the Trailwork Committee. He is also a new SDMBA Board Member. As Liaison at LPCP he will act to facilitate the interaction and communication between the Ranger Staff, our Board Members, our members and volunteers. 
Rob Mikuteit will represent SDMBA at the CAC meetings. Rob has been a SDMBA member since 2001 and been involved at LPCP even longer. He will focus on the duties of the CAC, which includes participation in making policy recommendations on the management of the preserve to the City- and County-elected Task Force. The primary concerns of the CAC are to protect the Preserve as a natural resource for habitat, for education and for recreation. Their meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ranch House, off of Black Mountain Road.

If you are interested and able to help at LPCP please send an email to 
Michael MacG. 
If you are interested in learning more about the CAC visit the 
LPCP-CAC member discussion forum. 

Update on Del Mar Mesa Trails PDF Print E-mail

As of December 12, 2008, all city-owned land is closed to trail users. Most tunnel trails at least in part go through city land. Also, California Dept. of Fish and Game does not allow biking on their lands because of vernal pool sensitivity.  You can help the situation by showing respect for the habitat and following the posted signage while we continue to advocate for a legal sustainable trail system.  Stay off of the closed trails so we can demonstrate responsible and respectful stewardship.

Please do your part to educate your friends that compliance with Rules of the Trail is critical now more than ever. Remember, its because there are important biological resources in Del Mar Mesa that it remains open space at all. Please be patient as we work through the process and advocate for responsible public access to this special place. Subscribe to SDMBA TrailNews to stay informed as SDMBA advocates for trail access in Del Mar Mesa.

Del Mar Mesa “Tunnels” Timeline and Update 2009

SDMBA Awarded REI Grant PDF Print E-mail

SDMBA is regarded by many local land managers as the premier trail building and maintenance resource in San Diego County. No other organization does so much volunteer trail work. Over the last ten years, these land managers have come to rely on us more and more as budgets have been cut. SDMBA wants to help them do quality trail design and management, so in light of that, REI recently awarded SDMBA a $5,000 grant. 

Make Friends On The Trail! PDF Print E-mail

Bear BellSan Diegans love their trails. We recommend you put a bear or cow bell on your bike because a well maintained bike is pretty quiet and using a bell means hikers, equestrians and other mountain bikers are likely to hear you coming even before you see them. Other trail users have told us many times how much they prefer hearing the ringing of an approaching bell than suddenly hearing us yell something like "On yer left!"

REI sells a particularly good one with an attached small magnet that grabs the clapper to silence it so you don't have to hear it on those long slow climbs, yet it's easy to slide the magnet off when you head downhill (picture at right). So get a bell and happy trails for all!

UPDATE: REI has donated 400 Bells to SDMBA. We will be giving them out at trail work events to all volunteers. So come to the next trail work event, see calendar.

SDMBA's Next Meeting Information PDF Print E-mail

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 18 @ 6:30-8:30pm.

Location: REI North County

1590 Leucadia Blvd 

Encinitas, CA 92024 

Quarterly, SDMBA will be holding their monthly general meetings in North County. In November we're headed up to REI in Encinitas. Info on REI Encinitas here.

This is an opportunity to hear the latest goings on in the mountain biking advocacy community in San Diego and a chance for you to voice your opinions too. 

The first hour will be dedicated to north county issues.  
If you have a topic to introduce as an agenda item please email Gardner.




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