Bike Theft Awareness

Steps To Safeguard Your Bike From Theft and What To Do If Your Bike Gets Stolen

We all know bike theft is a serious problem. Prevention and awareness are key to keeping your precious mountain bike safe at all times. Never leave your bike unattended and take special precautions when leaving your bike locked and out of sight.

Bike theft can happen in the blink of an eye.  Invest in a good lock or several, not just a cable lock than can get cut in a matter of seconds. Try not to leave your bike out of sight when out in public, thieves are ready to risk it all to steal your new S-Works. Even on your car rack or in your own garage, your bike can be very vulnerable. Privacy is important. Take care of whom you tell when it comes to your bikes, where they're stored, and how much they are worth.

Big thanks to our partners at the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition for their effort to educate San Diego Cyclists about bike theft prevention. Thanks for the awesome graphics.


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