Electric MTB Info

*Read SDMBA's general position on eMTB's published June, 2020

Trail Courtesy is important for Everybody on Every Trail, Every Day! 

Where can I legally ride my eMTB in San Diego County? 

  • City of San Diego 
    • Class 1 and Class 2 eMTBs are allowed on any trail where a traditional bicycle is allowed unless otherwise posted.  Check our Map page for links to City of San Diego trails. 

      This means eMTB's are ok at Penasquitos Canyon, Del Mar Mesa, Mission Trails Regional Park, Black Mountain Open Space Park, Tri-Canyons(Rose, Tecolote, Marion Bear), Florida Canyon/Balboa Park, Otay Valley Regional Park, and other urban canyons with designated trails and other trails listed on City Maps Page. 
  • County of San Diego
    • Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are currently allowed on all County paved areas and trails where non-electric bikes are permitted, unless specifically restricted by DPR for safety and maintenance concerns.  The Department has restricted the use of Class 1 and 2 e-bike at 15 parks and preserves. Signs have been posted at trailheads where e-bikes are prohibited.  
    • There are more powerful electronic bikes that do not have these wattage limits and are not defined by these classifications.  These electronic bikes are not permitted on County of San Diego Trails.
    • Read the updated County Ebike fact sheet (April 2022) including list of areas that are closed to ebikes. If a County managed area is NOT on this list, then class 1 and 2 eMTB's are ok. 
    • This means eMTB's ARE ALLOWED at Otay Valley Regional Park, Ramona Grasslands (except Old Survey Road 97), Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch, Del Dios Highlands Preserve, Flume Trail(Lakeside), Lake Morena, San Dieguito County Park, Bonita Valley/Sweetwater Regional Trails  (excluding campground trails), and  Santa Ysabel East and West. 
    • Check complete County of San Diego trails list HERE.
  •   Daley Ranch (City of Escondido):  Class 1 eMTB's are permitted on trails where regular mountain bikes are allowed. 
  •   San Dieguito River Park (Lake Hodges) - Class 1 and 2 eMTB's ok on designated trails.   Trail Map 
  •   San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (Mother Miguel/RockHouse to Steel Bridge) managed by US Fish and Wildlife - Currently, under Department of Interior Order #3376, Ebikes are allowed where other types of bicycles are allowed.  
  • Other Department of the Interior lands (National Parks, Bureau of Land Management (BLM)and Bureau of Reclamation)
    San Diego County has no National Parks and no Bureau of Reclamation lands.  There are BLM lands in the backcountry mostly.  Some of them are designated Wilderness so no bikes are allowed.  According to order #3376 ebikes are allowed where regular bicycles are allowed. 
    August 29,  2019 DOI Order #3376 
    August 2019 DOI Press Release

No matter where you stand on the idea of e-bikes, let’s all make sure that we can politely share the rules of the specific trails we’re on as well as model best practices when it come to standard trail etiquette.  

WHERE ARE EMTB's NOT allowed in San Diego County - 
SDMBA continually monitors Federal and State updates and news regarding policies related to eMTB access and share any such updates here. 

Federal Agencies
United States Forest Service - Cleveland National Forest (Laguna Recreation Area, Noble Canyon, Palomar District)

Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes are allowed on motorized trails and roads on national forests and grasslands. Additionally, several year-round resorts operating under a special use permit have established e-bike use within their permit boundary.

Local Forest Service officials may consider new opportunities for e-bike use on non-motorized trails and in non-motorized areas by utilizing a designation process in accordance with the Travel Management Rule (36 CFR Part 212, Subpart B).  Designations involve appropriate environmental analysis, public involvement, and local decision-making.

So dirt roads, OHV areas like Lake Morena/Corral Canyon/Kernan Cycle Trail are OK but that’s it. If you can’t legally ride a motorcycle on it, or legally drive your car on it, you can’t ride your e-bike. 

SDMBA's public comment letter to USFS October 26, 2020
USFS Ebike Press Release March 31, 2022
USFS Ebike Press Release April 18, 2022
2022 USFS Ebike Policy docs HERE

State Agencies
California State Parks - Ebikes are not allowed unless there is a District Superintendent's Order allowing their use.  

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and Palomar State Park - eMTB's are not permitted.
Anza Borrego State Park -  Anza Borrego Desert State Park is currently the only park unit in the Colorado Desert District that allows the use of a “Operated Propelled Vehicle” which includes Ebikes.  The use of Ebikes is limited to all park roads where motorized vehicles are allowed to travel, paved “All Access Trail” from the Visitor Center to Borrego Palm Canyon Campground, Middle Willows Trail in Coyote Canyon, and designated roads and trails within Hawi-Vallecito Cultural Preserve.  

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Crestridge Ecological Reserve, Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area)  - All classes of eBikes are considered motorized and are not allowed on non-motorized trails

Other agencies

Center for Natural Lands Management (La Costa) - All classes of eBikes are considered motorized and are not allowed on non-motorized trails.

Escondido Creek Conservancy/Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve (EFRR) -All classes of eBikes are considered motorized and are not allowed on non-motorized trails.   EFRR's trail standards are modeled after the US Forest Service's Standard Trail Plans and Specifications.    

What is a Class 1 eBike?  A class 1, pedal-assist e-bike is, by Federal Law definition, a motorized vehicle (when on dirt trails).  Most eMTB's from major manufacturers are Class 1. This is important to keep in mind and answers a lot of questions for us. Yes, you will find that the Department of Transportation defines e-bikes as bicycles, but this is specific to roadway situations. For example an e-bike is by definition a bicycle when it comes to insurance (it’s not required), freeways (no matter how fast one goes, they’re not allowed), and paved bike paths (in most cases e-bikes are allowed).

What should I do if I see an eBike on the trails?
First of all, BE NICE!  Usually, everyone out on the trails is there to enjoy themselves.  You don’t have to say anything as it's not your (or SDMBA's) responsibility to enforce land manager policy.  If you want to educate them about eBike access, be polite!  No one likes to be told they are in the wrong, so BE NICE!  California’s eBike law has been confusing and there is a lot of misinformation online.  There is plenty of conflict in the world and let’s help keep our trails an enjoyable and peaceful place.

Is eMTB trail etiquette different than traditional mountain bike trail etiquette?   
Not really, but we ask you to consider adopting a yield-first strategy with others.

Give trail users plenty of friendly warning before passing by ringing a bell or saying hello. Slow to walking speed and be patient as they find a safe place to step off of the trail to let you by. Treat everyone you encounter on the trail with kindness and respect. And, as always, Be Nice, Say Hi! 

Other resources:
-People for Bikes eBike Resources
-Trails are Common Ground ebike Resources

If you are considering an eMTB purchase, we encourage you to do your research, and
evaluate what type of riding you want to do and where you want to go. 
Keep in mind that Class 1 eMTB's are most likely to be allowed on non-motorized, natural surface trails. 


This page is a work in progress as ebike access and issues evolve. Do you have any additions or corrections to this list? Please let us know by contacting info@sdmba.com