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SDMBA is proud to partner with Luv Trails to help support our efforts to improve trail access to mountain biking in San Diego!  

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Donate generously to show appreciation for your trails

Next time you ride or hike a trail in a park in San Diego or while traveling to your favorite riding destination, use the Luv Trails App to identify the trail and make a donation directly to the owners or the people who diligently maintain it for all of us to enjoy. It is hard work and takes many free volunteer hours. To show your appreciation donate as little as a $5 to every trail you ride.

With the help of a user’s mobile phone, Luv Trails geolocates the nearest trails and local volunteer group and enable a quick donation on the spot directly to the group.  Great to use here in San Diego or while traveling to other favorite riding destinations. 

The idea is that users of trails donate small amounts frequently wherever they ride and by doing so they contribute to the trails they use everywhere, instead of once a year or only to their local club where they ride the most.

Get Rewards for your Generosity

As a show of appreciation, Luv Trails will be rewarding donors with a variety of products and services generously supplied by our Reward Partners, ranging from local merchants, like breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and bike shops, to national retailers and corporations, focusing on outdoor and recreational merchandise and cycling related activities.  SDMBA will be working with Luv Trails to work on local San Diego rewards.  

LuvTrails has recently merged with Trail Care, the Santa Barbara based start-up, which SDMBA has partnered with leading to donations of almost $1000 in the past two years.  The merger means that the two technical platforms are getting merged and now do business under the LuvTrails brand. All the current Trail Care functionality will in future be offered in the App. 

This means the “new” LuvTrails now offers two donation options to trail users and volunteer organizations: 

1. One-off donations ranging from $5 to $20 in the App; and 

2. Micro-donations from as little as 1 cent per mile by linking their Strava rides. 

All transactions are free to App users, but Luv Trails does charge trail groups a flat fee to process the payment. 

For more information, please contact Arrie Rossouw at